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    • When starting your online business, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing an ecommerce platform that will ensure scalable, long-term growth. Ecommerce platforms let you build your very own online store without any coding skills, a big budget, or web design skills. They come packed with ecommerce-specific designs and features to make setting up your business as easy and successful as possible. Our list of top ecommerce platforms is based on objective performance data, feature set and value so let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most popular options.

    • Starting a website is much easier and cheaper than it used to be thanks to the wide variety of user-friendly, DIY web builders that consumers can now choose from. When choosing a website builder, you must first consider what kind of site you want to build and what kind of functionality you require. After all, the best website builder will be the one to best fit your needs. Think about these questions about your new website: What kind of website will it be? What are the main features you will need? Do you want to have an online store? We've compiled a list of the most popular do-it-yourself website builders for your reference.

    • A landing page remains one of the most effective ways to quickly capture your visitor’s information and contact details and put them on the path to purchasing your product or service. A landing page does one thing very well - it focuses visitors' attention on whatever you're promoting, with a single call to action (a CTA) that gets people to sign up for more information or directly purchase your product.

      With a well-written headline, a captivating offer, and a CTA, you’re on your way to success. Today, there are dozens of landing page builders at your disposal to quickly launch a well-designed and high-converting landing page, each with its unique features, pros and cons. We compiled a list of 14 of the best landing page builders to try in 2021.

    • Whether you want to start a personal portfolio site or make sure your small business has a strong online presence, the right web hosting provider can make your life a lot easier. You may be looking for a commercial service that offers WordPress, but also one that performs well, experiences virtually no downtime, offers 24/7 customer support and comes at the right price.

      Web performance is becoming more and more important in 2021 so the most important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is their performance, speed and uptime. Here, we're taking a close look at some of the best web hosting services available that offer WordPress, virtual private servers, shared hosting and many other additional web hosting services.

    • Online shopping has become the shopping mantra for people all over the world. Online sellers and retailers are growing in number and new businesses are signing up for e-commerce every day. Let’s say you have your own online store with a few products, inventory, integrated logistics operators, and so on. If you want to start selling also on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay, you must make sure that all the information is coherent and synchronized. In other words, if you sell an item through Amazon, it will be deducted from your available stock both in your own store and in your account in the marketplace.

      However, the management of selling and advertising on multiple online platforms can easily become too complicated and time-consuming to handle manually. Is that a struggle that sounds familiar to you? Product feed management software is the solution to this problem. A feed management tool will allow you to centralize and manage all the information from a single place. It will function as a connector between the different channels, ensuring that all the information is coherent and everything is configured correctly.

    • In a simple inventory selling process, think of an ad network as a mediator responsible for introducing the right impression to the right buyer. It partners up with publishers and advertisers to help them reach their ad campaign goals. Ad networks are crucial players in an ever-growing mobile ad industry, helping advertisers optimize reach, campaign placement and engagement. Today’s ad networks offer much more sophisticated targeting options than ever before, such as geographic location, demographic data, device, income and other elements. Some also include retargeting features, which enable you to put your ads in front of customers who have already visited your website.

    • Choosing a solid affiliate network is a crucial part of being a successful affiliate marketer, no matter if you are starting out as a new affiliate or just trying your luck into a new niche. There are thousands of affiliate programs offered by merchants to market their services or products. The right affiliate network will create a central database for affiliate offers allowing you to participate in more than one affiliate program through a single dashboard and will provide analytics, various reporting tools, and reliable payment processing.

      No matter what kinds of products or services you promote, you can find a variety of reliable affiliate networks to suit your needs. Below is a list of our personal list of the best affiliate networks for 2021. These cater to various products, services, and industries and all of them are worth a look.

    • Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make some extra income online and letting people know about your products or services. To make affiliate marketing succeed for you, conversion is important, which is why you must engage actively with your visitors to purchase products from your affiliate links. While it can be a daunting and time-consuming task to manage your affiliate program manually, you need to track its growth and analyze the statistics to keep your income from dwindling.

      Thankfully, you can do all that and more by using affiliate tracking software platforms. Although every affiliate tracking software has similar features, not all offer the same options and customization. When you are selecting the best affiliate software for your product or service, you’ll want to find one that covers the elements you need. Some of the most important features are promotional tools, commission management, customization options and accurate tracking, metrics, and statistics.

    • SEO tools save you from tedious keyword research and data analysis. With these tools, you’re able to see what’s working and which parts of your strategy could benefit from some tweaking. The best SEO tools also provide reports about how you measure up to competitors and where the greatest opportunities lie. They also allow you to measure search performance by countries, regions, or languages.

      While there is no universal tool that serves every conceivable need for every marketer on the planet, the goal is usually the same: driving more traffic and conversions. From keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and content creation to scheduling, testing, editing, link-building, outreach, and email marketing, there are plenty of SEO tools to help you.

Why is a website necessary for an online seller?

The competition for online selling and affiliate marketing is extremely tough. Think about it. You are essentially competing against the entire Internet. Back in the old mom and pop days, your worst competition was the store across the street and the one that's two blocks away. Nowadays, you're fortunate to have less than 15 competitors for a niche product. 

Even with the necessary seller tools and software, you still need to manage your physical inventory and deal with refunds and negative reviews from time to time. You may work on marketing and promotion to put your products out there, but the best-case scenario is when the people seek out your business at their leisure. And the best way to achieve this is by creating a feature-rich, up-to-date website that's informative and attractive to your potential customers.

But before you can build a website, you have to obtain the necessary tools first. Sites are created for all sorts of reasons and what you’d want to go for is a site specifically designed for online selling. So, here are the types of tools you need to get your online store up and running.

What sort of tools do you need for your website?

We have summarized these solutions according to their types as they have their own unique features. 

eCommerce Platforms

These platforms act as a way to build a store page for your products. You can design your page by posting photos and video clips showcasing the items you sell with high levels of customization. No coding skills are required, almost everything is drag-and-drop, and you can make all the changes you want.

Website Builders

They are very similar to eCommerce platforms, but most can accommodate a larger scope of applications. Customize your own page, add images, make adjustments, and upload short videos to make your store and products known. Create it beautifully and professionally to impress the visitors. 

Landing Page Builders

This single web page gives a quick handshake to you and your potential customer. A landing page tells your brand what your company does and gives a call-to-action statement for the visitor. On that same page, you may choose to add a fill-up form to get their info in exchange for an e-book, a demo, a nice video, a free consultation, etc.

Web Hosting Services

They serve as the backbone of your website. All information that pertains to your site will be stored by these services in multi-million dollar facilities called data centers. These data centers then send and receive your website’s data across the web space making your site available for everyone. 

Product Feed Management Software

This software goes to all known shopping engines and posts your ads in each one. It eliminates the hassle of going to them one by one. They even make sure that your ads meet the product requirements of each of these shopping spots. Spreading your ads far and wide across the web space increases the chances for conversions. 

Ad Networks

Ad networks act as a middleman between companies who want to advertise and companies with available ad space. Advertisers can always directly contact the company they want to partner with, but Ad Networks will do the same thing en masse. Going through them promotes growth and ensures your ads can be found on as many web pages as possible.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is a large industry on its own, and there are many marketers out there who are looking for merchants to start a program with. Affiliate marketing networks act as middlemen that handshake the marketer and the merchant. A network’s extensive connection to both parties ensures everybody finds what they are looking for. 

Affiliate Tracking Software

This is a software tool designed for affiliate marketers and networks to track, manage, analyze and optimize their campaigns and determine their performance progress. They’re sometimes cloud-based and integrated into any website and shopping cart. The software monitors the clicks of an ad or a link to give you the data and insights based on them.

SEO Tools

These tools make sure that your site ranks better for search engine results. You can use the keyword research section most of them have for better site optimization. Many can even snoop in your competitor’s performance so you can plan better and more successful marketing strategies.  

Are website tools beneficial?

These tools offer a wide variety of advantages for your pages. Some like the web-hosting services are even necessary to create a website in the first place. Just imagine if, as an online seller or marketer, you are blind-sided by your competitors just because you did not have this or that specific data or information. So yes, website tools are not only beneficial but, indeed, necessary to get your business off the ground.  

Find useful website tools

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