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Also Bought - Cross Sell
Also Bought brings the proven Amazon 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' recommended products to your store. Also, Bought AI has been trained with 500+ million orders, 40+ million products, and has been used by 25,000+ Shopify stores. 
Bold Upsell
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5 Loyalty Points
5 Loyalty Points
The Bold Upsell app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that customers can add with a click. Make more on every sale by offering to upsell and cross-sell products. Upsell and cross-sell anywhere - on the product page or on the cart page. Create a series of follow-up offers that change based on whether the last one was accepted or declined. Upsell is the ultimate way to create special offers and make more money on your store.
Candy Rack allows you to upsell your customers by offering extra services, free gifts and/or related product bundles (frequently bought together) via the modern one click upsell popup window which looks great even on mobile devices. Candy Rack features fully automatic upsells and cross sells based on the product recommendations API which allows you to create effective product upsells, service cross sells, and bundles to boost your sales.
Increase your conversion rate with Frequently Bought Together - when smart recommendations are displayed as product bundles on your product page, customers are more likely to buy additional items and boost your revenue. It analyses the previous purchases in your store database through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with the recommended products that are usually added together to the shopping cart. Frequently Bought Together's AI has been trained with 1+ billion orders and 80+ million products to produce the best product recommendations. 
Boost your sales with Recom.ai Upsell & Cross-Sell recommendations app. Capture new customers with outstanding upsells and cross-sells by creating simple rules or using powerful AI for better store performance. Customize and generate automatic upsells and cross-sells based on items frequently bought together, trending within certain collections, top-selling products, new arrivals, and more through all pages of your online store. 
ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell
10% OFF
10% OFF
ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app for thank you page optimization. It allows you to customize your thank you page fully and easily with a drag and drop interface to get an instant revenue boost - collect customer birthdays, surveys, checkout upsell, cross sell and 17track tracking.  
SMART Bundle Upsell
SMAR7 Bundle Upsell was designed to be the world's first smart upsell app for Shopify. It tracks every single item your user has in the cart and which device they're shopping on to create the most user-friendly and targeted upsell possible. Instantly boost your average order value by providing smart upsells that adapt to your users shopping experience. 

What is the difference between upsell and cross-sell?

As a Shopify business owner, you ought to make sure that there is a steady flow of goods coming in and out of your catalog. It's up to you to find creative solutions to maximize conversions. One of the many ways to do this is by using upsell and cross-sell strategies. But what are they and what's the difference between the two? It's quite simple. They are offers from your catalog presented to the customer either before or after they make their originally intended purchase.

The difference is the type of items you are offering. In upselling, you find a better product, an upgrade if you will, that will bring more value to the customer. For example, they place a tub of protein powder into their cart. Upselling is when you offer a bigger tub which may cost more upfront but if you calculate the price per pound of protein powder, the customer will end up saving more.

Another example would be, let's say, your buyer found a regular typing keyboard in your shop. Before they checkout, you offer them a mechanical typing keyboard instead and suggest replacing the item that they have in their cart. It may cost a bit extra but the technology used for it is much more recent and provides more comfort. You may also offer to replace the boring toothbrush they found with a battery-operated variant with rotating bristles. You get the idea.

Shopify cross-sell is another clever way to recommend products that would best accompany the item that the customer already has in their cart or has recently purchased. If somebody has a camping tent in their shopping cart, you may want to recommend other camping tools like ropes or hiking bags. If they get a bag of coffee, suggest a coffee machine, etc. The key is to know which items they tend to buy alongside a particular product.

Increase your conversion rate with Shopify apps for Upsell and Cross-sell

There are a lot of apps in the Shopify apps store that recognize the value of upselling and cross-selling strategies. These solutions integrate into your Shopify account and make it easy for customers to find items that they would most likely buy together with the ones they already have in mind.

One of the things these tools do is to give your store page a one-click pop-up. As their name suggests, these pop-ups seamlessly integrate into your webpage and offer items that would upsell the purchase. You can even use the pop-ups to give gifts or redirect them to a sale bundle. They provide customization options that allow you to make this experience a natural part of the purchase flow. No need to re-enter CC info or shipping address.

The recommended products from these one-click pop-ups for Shopify are intuitive to the sale because they were hand-picked by AI. These smart recommendations are a proven way to boost your sales conversions. 

Tips for choosing the best upsell and cross-sell apps for you

The best tip we can give for choosing the right Shopify cross-sell solutions is to have in mind the richness of their features. Since you're in the market for something that would give you the greatest value for your money, why not avail the ones that provide the most optimal technological solution?

Find a solution that's easy to install. There are a lot of cross-selling and upselling solutions that provide a one-click install which removes a lot of hassle. These tools get installed out-of-the-box. You get all the features, benefits and advantages promised, and best of all, no need to learn how to code.

The next tip is to find a tool that's powered by AI. This is important because not all Shopify solutions have this feature. Intelligent product recommendations ensure that your product suggestions make sense to the visitor. The AI algorithm remembers which products are frequently bought together and which types of products are in the customer's purchase history. It then uses this information to create a suggestion.

Another tip is to get a tool that has a built-in performance tracker. This, together with the power of AI algorithms, will allow you to make data-driven decisions for your company. Compare your upsell and cross-sell performance from a previous time period, view the increase in ROI since you started using them, and track the trends to optimize your offers. You will be able to deliver significant value both to your audience and to your own Shopify business armed with this data.

Last but not least, check the software services that offer amazing support. You never know what bumps and hurdles you may encounter in the future. It brings a certain peace of mind to know that there are experts who are standing by to watch your back. Many of them can assist 24/7.

Recommended tools by Riselane

There are plenty of Shopify apps for Upsell and Cross-sell, and some can be worth their weight in gold. Whatever you choose to do, just keep your goal in mind—increase conversion rate by offering your customers a little bit more than what they came for.

What works for a certain online business may not work for another, and the best way to determine what works for you is by testing. But if you're looking for a quick way to get started, consider these recommendations as a starting point. Based on our research and testing, we feel that these are some of the best Shopify apps for Upsell and Cross-sell available today. So, take some time to try out each of them, play around with their features and settings, and decide which one works best.  

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