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Auto Currency Switcher
Auto Currency Switcher is the best currency converter which will enable you to sell globally in multiple currencies. Expand your business horizon to the entire world - with auto currency converter. Your customers will check out in multiple currencies via Shopify's multi-currency. The app detects the country of the user based on their IP and converts prices in their local currency automatically. 
BEST Currency Converter
BEST Currency Converter converts prices instantly, on any devices and any theme and works with 160+ currencies including Bitcoin.
Easy Tabs
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Easy Tabs improves your store UI/UX and increases product sales organizing your product descriptions, parameters, and shipping information into several professional-looking tabs. EasyTabs recognizes any specific heading in your product description text as a tabs header. Tabs look and feel may be easily customized with their interactive layout editor and are completely responsive. 
EU Cookie Bar
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EU Cookie Bar ensures you are in compliance with the European Cookie Law. EU Cookie Bar will present your customers with a banner informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms, the banner will be hidden from that customer.
GemPages Page Builder & Funnel
10 Loyalty Points
10 Loyalty Points
GemPages Page Builder and Funnel is the most flexible page builder for Shopify. Choose from over 50+ professional and high-converting templates from experts, designed to fit every industry and need. You can also design your marketing pages - home, product, landing pages, sales pages, and build your funnels with high-converting templates. Simply drag and drop to apply eCommerce design hacks that convert for your Shopify store. 
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Build an attractive FAQ - HelpCenter page for customer support. Professionally built, easy to use, and content-rich FAQ page leads to much happier customers, fewer phone calls and emails, saved support team time, and HelpCenter will help you achieve this. 
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15 Loyalty Points
15 Loyalty Points
Build and optimize your Shopify pages with Shogun, the most powerful page building platform for eCommerce teams and agencies. Shogun’s Page Builder features a robust drag-and-drop page designer with 24+ elements and tools for A/B testing and measuring performance. With Shogun, you can create without limits - easily design your homepage, product pages, about us page, sales funnels, landing pages, promotion pages, contact pages, blog posts, and any other page type you can think of.

How can I improve my Shopify store design? 

When it comes to selling on Shopify, it's safe to say that the first impression lasts. This is why having Shopify page builders are pivotal for scaling your business. A store should be aesthetically appealing and intuitive for the potential customers, or you may lose them. This is a game of visuals and graphics.

An average visitor only takes 7 seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or move on. So you'd want to make the most out of those 7 seconds. You can do this by creating an eye-catching store that loads fast.

A good page design matters when it comes to scaling your eCommerce business.

This is why Shopify page builders are here: to let you, the eCommerce store owner, customize your URL and have a theme, style, and branding that lures in the people that are most likely going to buy the products you sell. These apps even have landing page builders to market your brand in a faster method that would surely deliver conversions.

What features can these apps offer me?

With their set of tools and features, Shopify builders allow you to set the header and footer for your website, decide the font type, the size, and the color of your text and fill the website body with all optimized images that highlight your brand. You can even change the background colors to make them stand out and speak for your brand. Everything can be uploaded and re-sized to fit any size and format of your choosing, including the logo you designed for the business.

It's challenging and fun work, but at the end of the day, it's all about optimizing the user interface for a seamless and delightfully memorable user experience. 

These services offer a host of tools that can help improve your website's look and ease of usage. There are almost an unlimited number of blocks that you can drag and drop to the customization section of the app. Also, there are beautiful templates at your disposal, ready to be turned into works of art. You can also customize the buttons and place them wherever you see fit so you can redirect the visitor to the appropriate location. This all comes in a straightforward point-and-click setup.  

Stores are easy to build

You can do all these without any coding knowledge. You can build a stunning website that leads to conversions without having to spend thousands on hiring a developer. Although that's not to say there are no options for those who know what they are doing. That's because many Shopify page builders have language integrations where you can rewrite and implement changes to the code however you like. 

You can go deep into coding to further develop the site, or you can focus on the UI/UX aspect of the site, and it will still work either way. Everything is up to you. In fact, using Shopify page builders to spruce up your site is so fun and easy to do. Even your grandmother can set up a store for you in just a few minutes.

More than just another software app

Another fantastic thing that these Shopify page builders do is that they go above and beyond just serving you a pretty-looking website or store. The builders also make sure that your URL is optimized for SEO by optimizing your images and making everything responsive and nicely compressed. Doing this can give you a high score in Shopify's "speed score".

An image with a small file size loads quicker, and so by downsizing all your images, you ensure that the entire website loads faster. And Google considers the speed of your site for their authoritativeness ranking. A visitor's attention span is short and you have tons of competitors; a page that's just a little bit faster can make all the difference.  

Some parting tips...

Shopify page builders are rich with features, templates, and elements that can make your brand stand out from the others. However, you are still the artist who holds the paintbrush. It's up to you to make your site accessible to the visitor. Many sites, especially ones made by people who do not have much experience, inadvertently discourage the visitor from actually buying something.  

Common mistakes tend to be seen in the header on the main site or the landing page. The title may be too wordy or lengthy. Sometimes, the color and font may have been put so that it's difficult to read because the background image obscures it. Often, the sub-header focuses too much on the features and not the benefits that the product can provide to the customer. But the worst offense is a header with no call to action, nothing that spurs the visitor into purchasing something.  

The key to a good output is just a little bit of practice and placing yourself in the shoes of the visitor.

Where can I find these useful tools?

Shopify page builders are a great companion for establishing an online presence, but that is not the only software service you need to scale your business to the next level. Riselane.com offers the best solutions to a good Shopify page builder, such as product review apps, sales, and conversions apps, marketing, customer service apps, and many more. They are all made to ensure the growth of your eCommerce endeavor.

The best part is if you get them through Riselane.com, you will have special access to exclusive discounts and loyalty points you can get nowhere else. Visit Riselane.com and sign up for a software service for builders today.

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