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Shopify Apps for SEO
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Bulk Image Edit will improve your SEO by optimizing your image sizes, alt-text, and file names. Better site load speed and SEO mean higher rankings, more traffic, and sales. With Bulk Image Edit, you can bulk square, resize, or crop images to fit any social media or sales channel, which will make your listing look professional and generate more sales. 
Page Speed Optimizer
Page Speed Optimizer will improve the page load times for your Shopify store in just one click, which will greatly increase your conversions and SEO. 
Plug in SEO
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Discover the easiest ways to optimize the SEO ranking of your Shopify Store with the SEO all in one power tool - Plug in SEO. It is easy to set up and use and will help you with everything you need to improve your Google ranking, drive organic traffic to your shop, and manage SEO optimization. The complete SEO power tool covers all of your SEO: JSON-LD rich snippets, bulk edit SEO, blog optimization, fix meta titles and descriptions, 404 broken links, and more.
SEO Booster - SEO Marketing
Extended 30-day Trial
Extended 30-day Trial
SEO Booster - SEO Marketing is a one-size-fits-all SEO solution that will make your site Google-ready and perfect for SEO within minutes. In just 1 click, it will auto check and fix SEO so that you can improve your search engine rankings and enjoy qualified organic traffic. 
SEO Image Optimizer will optimize your images and will ensure that you are set up for on-page SEO success. The app will constantly monitor and automatically optimize your store every day, as opposed to manually logging in and tinkering with SEO settings. Set the app up once and never worry about image SEO again - all the SEO improvements will run automatically for you.
SEO Manager
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SEO Manager is a supercharged SEO tool that includes SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, Google search console connection, search analytics, and so much more. SEO Manager helps you rank better and get found in search engines.

We are all aware of how vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for the successful eCommerce business to thrive in this highly competitive environment. Simply put, it is just a way to get Google's search engine to your favor, so your Shopify sites appear on the first search results page. This can be done by using the right keywords, using authoritative backlinks, and other best practices.

Here are a few numbers that can drive home the point to give you some perspective

  • 39% of all traffic comes from SEO

  • Top 3 Google search results get 75% of all the clicks

  • Only 0.78% of Google users click on the second page

Get SEO apps for your Shopify store

Important as this may be, SEO is an intense subject separated by components that are just as deep to make a whole. And there are other areas in the business that may need your attention. Focusing too much time and resources on SEO may get you to neglect other important things like sourcing, inventory management, customer service, etc.

This is where Shopify apps for SEO step into the picture. 

How do SEO apps help you improve your store?

These apps and services are equipped with the right tools to address the areas that affect SEO and traffic. 

  • Shopify keyword research and optimization

  • Shopify Website

  • Shopify content marketing and blogging

  • Link building

This list is not exhaustive, there are many apps out there, and it is just a matter of finding the one that works for you. 

The main highlight of these tools is to help you find the right keywords to use for your website. Finding them is tricky because you don't know if the keyword you have in mind is already saturated, meaning there are other businesses already using it. So if a person types that keyword, their business will shop up and not yours.  

The plugins can recommend long-tailed keywords that users tend to search in relation to your product. Armed with these, you can optimize your title page and write alluring product descriptions. The apps also recommend better meta-tags so that people will be more enticed to click whatever it is you want to lure them into. To sum up, the keywords relevant to your store are all optimized to pull in your target audience or shoppers. 

Another helpful feature is downsizing the images you use on your sites. You can reduce the file size of an image without necessarily losing its quality. The smaller the image file size is, the faster the page loads. And fast load times are favored by Google's algorithm. They will also add alt text to your Shopify images, so Google knows what kind of image you posted, which adds to its accessibility.

Content marketing and blogging are features that you can take advantage of in Shopify search engine optimization apps. You can make a blog in the default Shopify platform, but having a plugin can take your content to a new level, especially in the hands of an excellent marketing strategist.

Blogs offer the opportunity to sprinkle keywords that can help drive traffic. Combine this with interesting content, and traffic will become conversions in no time. Brands that make the most out of search engine optimization apps can produce beautiful magazine stores online that look professional and chic.

Last but not least, these tools recognize that website hygiene is vital. These apps optimize your website and make it "clean" which is one of the fundamental and best SEO practices. They can run automated diagnostics and give reports on detailed charts on your store's overall health and speed. They ferret out issues and errors and give you alerts about them. Some employ CDN to make load times faster. They even clean up broken links that don't work. 404 pages hurt your optimization.

Browse Riselane's list and find the best SEO apps for Shopify and more

According to research, a visitor only spends an average of 7 seconds before they decide to stay or leave a website. A reduced server response time can significantly improve Google rankings, and these Shopify apps can give you all you need to jump-start your way to online success. What's more, Riselane offers other tools and software that can complement these SEO tools.

Tools like inventory management, customer service tools, and website builders are all a part of Rislane's growing list of options for you to try. With all these working together, you can increase conversions and prevent the loss of sales. A word of caution, though, having too many plugins working at the same time in your website can hurt load times. Keep the number of running software few and choose only what you think is the most essential to have. These functional solutions are also offered with great discounts, so be sure to add them to your shopping list.

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