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      Why is it important to have reviews on your website?

      Reviews posted by real people are vital in helping you build a successful business on Shopify. They create a sense of trust that bridges you to your customers and your potential ones. According to, reviews are trusted by visitors 12 times more than product descriptions.

      In our opinion, even if a few (and only a few) of the comments are negative, they can still establish some kind of legitimacy. This tells people that a real human found something in your product they were not too happy about and this will help them make better-informed decisions.

      The number of reviews is a solid indicator of how well the merchandise performs in the marketplace. If it has a great deal of rave attention, it's safe to assume that most users are happy with their purchase. If there are mixed reviews or even none, you're less likely to predict how the average user will react to it.

      What matters is that you have lots of engagement and that you let visitors know you check on them from time to time by replying to the negative comments and responding to the complaints. Even replying to positive comments is enough to show that you care about your customers. And true enough, Shopify rewards this active behaviour from sellers by giving their store page a better ranking on their site.

      As a consequence, your Shopify store page will be better optimized for Google's SEO because this Transactional kind of Search Intent will most likely end up with your store on the Search Engine Results Page. Words from real customers can make all the difference in an online store's success. Even if you offer great shipping rates and a generous warranty, shopping on your site will not be nearly as appealing without sales feedback.

      In a nutshell, reviews can improve your SEO on Google and they can foster a better relationship with your clients. You just hit two birds with one stone.

      How to choose the best Shopify review apps for you?

      According to a study from i-Perception, customers are 63% more likely to purchase from a site that has user feedback. Sites that have them have a higher sales conversion rate. Clients who are often engaging with feedback and user-created content spend 11% more, on average. Luckily, there are apps that specialize in collecting feedback and automating the entire process of improving your Shopify store pages in the eyes of your visitors.

      This begs the question: how do you choose the best Shopify review apps for your business? The answer is two-fold. First, you need apps that deliver social proof. Some of these Shopify apps allow you to automatically email your buyers requesting a review from them. Genuine comments build more trust and if the positive words are accompanied by pictures and videos, people will be able to respond to them on a psychological level. We are visual creatures, after all.

      Second, you'd want to get an app that provides a rewards program promoting engagement amongst your audience. Awarding your supporters loyalty points, coupons, and referral discounts for participating in your program fosters brand loyalty. Get them to join a VIP tier that gives even more perks and you will motivate them to come back for more. All of this will encourage a word-of-mouth kind of promotion that will increase your site rating

      Share customer experience on your website with discounted apps

      Online reviewing is an excellent way to encourage customers to purchase products or services. They not only boost sales but also enhance customer confidence and give you a competitive edge. They are a free and effective way to help your business get more traffic and sales, over time.

      This is mainly because word-of-mouth business is still the best way to get exposure. It offers your audience a way to talk about your product as well as other products within the same niche. You may not get discussed on Oprah, but if done properly and with the right apps, there is no doubt it will help your Shopify store grow.

      If you are looking for the right Shopify app, check out our recommendations for review add-ons. We have handpicked some of the most popular and reliable software solutions that will help you build your positive brand sentiment, improve your search engine ranking and purchase conversions. That way, you can do easy research before making your choice. Riselane also offers a discount on many of our Shopify apps. Sign up today!