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Shopify Apps for Customer Service
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AfterShip is trusted by 30,000 Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers to engage customers and boost sales with a branded tracking experience to show the latest order status and marketing banner to impress and upsell customers. Track all in one place - track and trace all shipments across 450+ carriers worldwide in one place. 
Easy Contact Form
Easy Contact Form is a stylish, responsive contact form that customizes fields, background image, text, and tab. Upgrade your customer support with a responsive and embeddable contact form. Your customers can quickly and easily contact you privately on your website. Add fields and mark them optional or required. 
Connect to all your customers over the world through the Facebook messaging platform - popular, simple, and convenient. With Facebook Chat Box, you can support your customers at any time and anywhere. 
Form Builder is the easy way to get more newsletter subscribers, grow your wholesale network, and build return and registration forms for your store. Create many types of forms with Form Builder, including order forms, Mailchimp mailing lists, wholesale quote forms, and more. 
Tidio Live Chat
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2 free months
2 free months
Tidio uniquely merges live chat, bots, and marketing automation to meet the expectations of the most demanding Shopify store owners. Respond on chat or messenger - Tidio lets you get all your live chat, email, and messenger communication in one panel. Start using intelligent bots, which reclaim abandoned carts and increase sales, reacting to your customers’ behavior, automatically. 

How do the apps for customer service boost your sales?

Customer service is a necessary part of most eCommerce stores, regardless of the industry. Every business wants to have a happy buyer. It helps to stay on top of your game if you provide the greatest assistance possible in the market.

However, customer service is difficult to streamline and automate, but, luckily, there are several apps for Shopify that can help with all of this. Most of the solutions for customer service will offer different support channels on one platform. This means that you don't have to sign up or pay for a bunch of different services or programs. You can do everything right from your Shopify dashboard.

They provide seamless integrations, travel and delivery action cards, and an integrated dashboard that automatically sorts what's important. You can add live chat, emailing, or bots to your website with easy-to-use tools. Subscribe to any within our list of recommended tools to solve problems before they occur and boost your sales!

Most of the apps offer different support channels on one platform.

Providing quality customer service is the top priority for every store owner and there are several software solutions out there to help you achieve this. With the best service tools for Shopify, you can provide assistance from a wide variety of channels such as email, phone, contact forms, live chat/messaging, etc. all in one place.

Boost conversions and build loyalty with chatting, helpdesk, and more. Finding something to help your online store's support department can be a daunting task. There are numerous software service providers available in the Shopify App Store that do everything from adding a contact form to instantly messaging site visitors. Our recommendations highlight some of the best ones for providing a seamless user experience.

Find some of the best customer service apps for Shopify.

There are some amazing apps for your Shopify store that will help you save time, engage with your clients, and attract new buyers. However, it is hard to decide which one to choose. 

The Shopify tools for customer service will enable your audience to get in touch with you directly from your website. A good one will increase your sales by providing the best support solution and help your visitors to ask questions, live chat on the phone or email, etc. These tools set up a contact form allowing you to get directly into the inbox of your patrons. Most of these solutions provide convenient features like adding discounts, plugin pricing, upgrading the website, and much more

Our list of the best support services for Shopify contains free plugins that include a whole package of solutions to answer visitors' questions and help them in purchasing. Some of the services offer chatting, which is a great way to improve their experience. Others provide add-ons and discount codes, so you can easily turn your visitors into customers.

There are also order tracking software services that give alerts to your supporters via SMS. They send messages from the time the package leaves the warehouse to the time it finally arrives at its delivery address. This eliminates the worry for many buyers and avoids the back and forth of frustrating calls and emails between the seller and the buyer. 

Others provide a more direct approach by adding widgets to your website for live chat, through social media channels like Facebook Messenger. These live-chat add-ons attach coherently to your website and look like part of it in the first place. But if no live assistant is manning the chat lines for the moment, don't worry. They also offer chatbots that can answer basic queries and other frequently asked questions. 

The mailing platforms that are in this selection are also useful because they can be customized to send newsletters and registration forms to all your visitors. You can make autoresponder emails using numerous available templates. Create ambassador forms, influencer forms, feedback, order and returns forms, and many more. It's a great way to grow your network and leads. 

These are just some of the software you can get from Riselane. Learn how customer service tools will boost your sales and build loyalty among your followers. Find some of the best customer service solutions for your Shopify store right here and upgrade your website. Sign up now and get all the discounts and earn loyalty points!

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