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Improve your Shopify eCommerce Customer Experience

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms out there, and this means that competition is rough. You've got to secure winning products and maintain good relations with your customer base, whether through email campaigns or by addressing their return issues. Thankfully, we've got Shopify apps that help your store grow and improve. These partners are essential for increasing conversions and most can be conveniently found in the Shopify app store.

Make the best choice for your needs

There are several types of software tools that address one or more specific areas of your Shopify eCommerce business and each was designed with scalability in mind. Let's look at each type and see what benefits you can get from them. 

Shopify Apps for Store Design

Your store in Shopify has to look appealing to the eyes of your potential customers. This will help establish legitimacy and implicitly tell your customers you can come back and shop here again because we've put effort into our presentation. Most of these tools don't even require you any coding experience, nor will you have to hire any. All you need is an eye for beauty and a vision of what your store will look like. It is mostly just drag and drop, point, and click. 

Apps for Product Sourcing and Inventory

With a scaling amount of inventory, it will be increasingly hard to keep up with the changes without the help of any software. You can get multichannel inventory and order management tools that offer print-on-demand services for dropshippers. They seamlessly integrate into your Shopify account so that they can give you updates on price and stock changes. This helps you maintain stock levels by ordering them from wholesale channels and warehouse locations.  

Apps for SEO

Getting your store page or website on the front page of Google if users type keywords that are relevant to your business is an essential task for all eCommerce merchants. These tools make sure that your keywords are optimized and also your images. The size of the pictures on your page determines the speed it loads. And the faster a page loads, the more sales conversions it can get, the better it is for SEO. Image optimization also makes sure they fit any social media channel.

Apps for Marketing

You don't only want to entice people to buy from the confines of your site. You'd also have to make your customers feel that you are part of their lives as well. Included in this type are email marketing and SMS campaigns. Emails are still proven to be the best way to engage with customers, and you can create welcome and thank you emails using these plugins. You can also send abandoned cart SMS, so visitors receive a text whenever they placed something on the cart but did not check out.   

Apps for Product Reviews

These allow you to collect reviews that are accompanied by pictures. They even allow you to add your own reviews, suitable for people who are just starting an eCommerce site. You can give samples to friends and family for free and have them leave a review with a picture. Visitors often want to know and see that other people like them are happy with what you're selling, which increases the likelihood of them buying too.

Instagram Apps

Instagram is an excellent social media channel to post pictures of your eCommerce products. Also, its high amount of daily traffic is a great advantage for you. These Shopify add-ons allow you to show your Instagram feed on your eCommerce page. This redirects potential customers from one channel to another. This is good for your bounce-back rate, which helps SEO. 

Apps for Upsell and Cross-Sell

These plugins add a section to a corner of your page that suggests what other products a customer may like based on their search or purchase history. Offer them accessories and upgrades or additional items that you can upsell. You can even research what type of product would best accompany yours, leading to a successful cross-sell. With these, you'd not only sell more, but this gives you an even lower bounce rate which is a plus for SEO.

Apps for Sales and Conversion

You can put all your best sales conversion practices in one centralized place with these. These plugins do many things, one of which is creating gift cards, promotions, and discount systems to get your customers to buy. Some even add a widget to the page where the shopping cart sticks to whatever page a visitor is redirected to. There's even a tool that allows you to add a free-shipping page and a quick announcement page.  

Apps for Customer Service

If your customer has questions or complaints about their purchase, these add-ons will help your customers reach you. They add a Facebook chat box and live chatbot services and handle your newsletter campaigns. Some even offer automated responder templates that you can adjust to for frequently asked questions. 

What type of tools will you get from

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