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      What services do freelancers provide? 

      So you're looking to hire freelance talent for a project but where do you start? There are a number of freelance marketplaces and platforms that exist with the sole purpose of connecting clients with talent. They help take the guesswork out of finding a freelancer and allow you to quickly find a suitable candidate from around the world. 

      And so you've put the final touches on your website, and you're ready to go…Or so you thought. Before you can go, you need a few more things on your website: your personal blog, your testimonials page, and your contact page. Unless you have a great copywriter, this can get really expensive. 

      This is where virtual assistant companies come in. These freelance platforms were created for two reasons. First, freelancers provide the cheapest services for the customers, especially those who are looking for personal assistance. And second, customers get anything done by doing very little work.

      There are many options available to anyone who wants to find help. Whether you're looking for assistance with content creation, marketing, design, website development, general business services, or just about anything else under the sun, there are thousands of companies and individual freelancing agents who can assist you in getting things done…and all for prices that can be considerably less than hiring someone from up close.

      That's why we at Riselane have hand-picked a great list of companies that can help you with these tasks. From getting website visitors and building your list to prepping content for your blog – a freelancer can do it all!

      Tips on how to hire a freelancer for your projects?

      Hiring a freelancing agent is not always easy. The list of services, especially for freelancing agents, can be overwhelming and intimidating to those who have just started their online businesses. Even if you are a veteran, it is still possible to miss some great service out there because the market is so huge.

      Regardless of your area or industry, finding a virtual assistant can be of great benefit to your organization. There is no single best freelance platform; it all depends on your unique needs and requirements. Choose the most suitable one for your needs, employ a virtual assistant and make use of their expertise.

      In the end, there is no one size fits all solution to rule them all. It really comes down to what you value in a virtual assistant/freelance platform. If you prize affordability above all else, then OnlineJobs would be the way to go. But if you are looking for a more reliable solution that provides access to a professional virtual assistant, then Fiverr might be your most optimal option. 

      Or if you want to outsource smaller tasks through online services, then Upwork could be your Mecca. Bottom line: There are numerous options out there, and Riselane has narrowed it down to the top 5 which you can see in the selection above. Take a moment to check them out to see what's best for you.

      Save time and money by getting a virtual assistant

      Riselane's hand-picked list of Virtual Assistant and Freelance websites will save you time and energy. We are here to help you discover the best websites and companies to outsource your projects while saving you money by providing discounts and coupon codes

      With Riselane, you'll never waste your time again on internet searches. Find what you need in our customer-created shortlists using up-to-date information.  We're like your personal shopper; we find deals for you to save money and give you discounts.  

      If you're looking to get help with your business or even extra work for yourself, consider hiring a virtual assistant. There are many websites and marketplaces online where you can look for jobs and a virtual assistant. These companies have different hiring requirements and fees, depending on what type of work you need to do.

      Check out Riselane's hand-picked shortlist of platforms

      Picture this. You've just started your business and need some help. You don't have much time because you are overworked and busy. The number of projects exceeds your capability and you don't know who to turn to. You will not solve all the tasks on your own. Should you hire a freelance agent? 

      Or could it be that you're already in the market to hire a virtual assistant, but are unsure how to find one? Or hired one, only to realize they may not be the best fit for you? There are many ways to find help on the internet, but a lot of them are scams. We've compiled a list of platforms: hand-picked by our team to ensure your projects get done in time and within budget.

      There are several venues where you can find freelancers who will perform different services ranging from design, marketing, and sales to accounting, writing, and research support. 

      Peruse the options that we offer and you'll be well on your way to outsourcing your project, taking some tasks off your plate, or having someone to focus on work that isn't directly related to you. It can save you time and money. Check out our list of the top freelancing platforms for both businesses and individuals