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Anyone interested in making money on eBay needs to understand what to sell and how to keep up with the ever-changing eCommerce market demand. One of the ways to do that is doing your own manual research on eBay and relying on your instincts. However, this is really not recommended, even if you are just starting out.Figuring out what to sell with a professional eBay product research tool will not only save your time, but will also grow your sales.‍

eBay product research tools help you find which items and product categories buyers are currently looking for and are profitable to sell. However, some of these tools do more than that. Here are some other features eBay product research tools may include: competition monitoring, estimated profit, SEO keywords suggestions, etc.

Chili Hunter
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Chili Hunter is a revolutionary set of tools for professional drop shippers on eBay, which is easy and effective to use. Here are some of its features:Professional market analysis and statistics - Instantly discover trending niches and get all the information you need to make smart decisions. Find the most profitable items - Save valuable time and unveil the best selling and trending itemsStore evaluation - Get advanced statistics and valuable insights of your eBay store. Spy on your competitors - Reveal all your competitors’ hidden gems.VERO / duplicate items protection - Their VERO X-ray scanner will scan your eBay account and notify…
Niche Scraper
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Copy Coupon: TRENDING18
The Niche Scraper is the #1 eCommerce growth platform and product research software trusted by top dropshippers. It is an extremely powerful dropshipping and product research bot that allows you to spy on other Shopify sites and find guaranteed winning products. Take the guesswork out of your research and allow their web crawler to show you products that are proven to sell.
Profit Scraper
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Profit Scraper is a tool that can help online retailers find the best price from Amazon. It will give you access to 1000's of hot selling items that are ready to upload to any listing software. 
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ShelfTrend offers easy to use data analytics about eBay’s massive inventory and sales which gives professional eBay sellers the insight they need to adapt and thrive. It will help you make decisions based on data, not guesswork:Monitor competition - Identify and research competitor activity. Watch their listing levels, price changes and Best Match rank over time.Analyse marketplace movements - See changes to the Top 500, uncover emerging competitors and new products, gauge sales and shifting buyer demand.Benchmark your business - Know where you stand against others selling similar products. Look for opportunities in search rank, drops in listing levels and…
ZIK Analytics
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Up to 40% OFF
Up to 40% OFF
Trusted by thousands of users every day, ZIK Analytics is a leading eCommerce market research tool that helps sellers find profitable items to sell on eBay and other marketplaces. It provides different tools which use the power of data analytics to find the best products, niches, and categories.Whether you’re a dropshipper, reseller or wholesaler, ZIK Analytics has all the tools you need to start selling on eBay.

As an eBay seller, it's vital to do the necessary research to maximize your profit margins and outrank your closest competition. eBay may be easy to get into for beginners, but without the proper research tools, you'd soon find yourself scratching in the head because all processes like sourcing from suitable suppliers, marketing, and optimizing your title can quickly become a complicated task if a software does not assist you.

Doing things manually is not advisable if you wish to see the trends in your business. And here, there are two types of growth: horizontal and vertical. Growing horizontally means investing in different market platforms and creating multiple accounts and brands - diversification. Growing horizontally also means acquiring more to sell and increasing your profit margin in the process.

It's essential to build a strong store with lots of sales before scaling up either horizontally or vertically so that you can minimize the risks of failure. The question is: how do we build a solid foundation so we can scale up? The answer is in choosing the right product research software.

How do we know which of them sell?

We can talk about the importance of research all day, but you will be at a loss if you don't have the criteria. So, when researching an item, what should you be looking for?

  • A product must have fewer competitors, maybe no more than 10 or 15.

  • It must be affordable, at least more affordable than whatever the next store is selling.

  • Must have a high demand with a decent sell-through rate

  • Title and keywords must be optimized

  • The product should have a good return policy.

Focusing your attention on these criteria and making sure that you have highly saleable items will get you an ample amount of profit sooner or later.

How does a product research manager work?

To find such items, you can use the research feature that's already built-in in many eBay seller tools. You can first filter your results based on the shipping location if you like and which category it belongs to. Then, type in the keywords in the search bar and it will give you the statistics of all the items that used those keywords so you can make a comparison.

You can see the sell-through rate, how many times it got listed, the average prices, items sold, and earnings. You can also hone in on one specific item and get more information out of it, like how many times it sold through its lifetime. Comprehensive charts and tables accompany this to get all the data you need. Other research tools even give you the performance stats of an eBay seller by just typing in their username into the search bar.

No matter what its features are, the goal of every eBay product research tool is to determine the sellability of a niche item.

Once you obtain all the necessary data to make an informed decision, you can now easily go to your supplier to look for the item you decide to sell or something very similar to it. If you do not have a supplier yet, be sure to check Riselane.com to know where to get the best wholesale supplier directories that come with lots of perks and discounts if you get them through Riselane.

Investing time sifting through listings, using your best judgment in determining which item would sell, and having the eBay tools do all the heavy lifting for you will ensure that you will get profit with the least amount of hassle.

Where can we get great eBay product research tools?

If you are in the market looking for some feature-rich eBay tools then look no further than Riselane.com. Rislane offers the best solutions for a successful dropshipping business. It is a large directory for software-as-a-service platforms, not just for eBay tools but also for Amazon and Shopify.

The best part is that all these tools come with generous perks and discounts available only through Riselane. The eBay research tools alone offer as much as 50% discounts on selected items.

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