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    Finding product suppliers for your online store can be difficult and time-consuming and this is where wholesale supplier directories can help. These directories list thousands of wholesale suppliers, allowing merchants to browse suppliers and their product offerings in one place. Some of these wholesale directories are completely free to use, while others require a fee in order to gain full access. Depending on your budget, a free directory may be ideal in the beginning, however paid directories often research and vet their suppliers, listing only reputable ones. We have compiled a list of some of the best wholesale directory sites for your store that you should consider sourcing from in 2021.


      On dropshipping and wholesale suppliers

      Dropshipping is a challenging but rewarding business. Many people do it as their side gig and make quite the living out of it. Others may have given it a try and decided the whole thing isn't for them. Like all things worth pursuing, it involves time and risks and many factors to consider, one of which is finding a good wholesale supplier.

      Wholesale vendors sell their products in bulk. A retailer buys from them and, in turn, sells the products with a markup to gain profit. Rinse and repeat, and eventually, you can make thousands of dollars per week. These vendors come from all industries, from detergents to automotive parts. Some are even industries so specific you didn't realize they existed, like the ones that make the hard plastic on the tip of your shoelace - on the left shoe.

      This means that a seller like you need not worry too much about a saturated market since you can just find other vendors. Now, that's all well and good, but where can you find these vendors? There are two ways: The old method and the Riselane method.

      The old method

      The old way of doing things is you go to places like Amazon, scroll through their catalog to find a product that you like, and once you find one, you go through the description to see the vendors that carry the product. If you can't find it there, you go to Google, which can expose you to many dead ends like giving you the bottom of the barrel distributors and others such as web pages that are potentially a scam.

      So, your last recourse is to go directly to their website, send them a message on their "Contact Us" section, and hope they respond to your inquiry. Repeat ad infinitum.

      You can only imagine how tiring and time-consuming that process is.

      The Riselane method

      You can do the old method and hope for relative success, or you can step into the future and use valuable software services that promise to deliver you to the right and legitimate wholesale supplier. offers a growing number of these wholesale directories with special discounts and perks to boot. Never again would you hop manually to page after page and be a potential scam victim in the pursuit to see growth.

      Wholesale Supplier Directories and their benefits to the seller

      These directories are software solutions or apps that give the retailer access to thousands of wholesale vendors and qualified manufacturers on the directories' list to keep things short and straightforward. For a monthly fee, you can browse as much as you want so you can pick and choose the right supplier for you straight from each of these directories.

      To use these directories, scroll through the wholesale retailing distributor options. There are thousands to choose from, so you don't need to worry about running out of people to talk to in all directories. You may even filter your search by location and the type of industry you're interested in. Once you find vendors that you think can bring a good profit, sign up to their website and contact them to see if you can start a partnership.

      The community has proved all vendors that are included there to be legitimate and trustworthy.

      It's also important to note that there are two kinds of sellers, individual and enterprise-level. Each one sells products that may cater to either one of them and the directories consider this. Some vendors don't like to work with small or individual sellers, but some directories like seek to remedy this by bringing as many wholesale vendors closer to small-scale sellers.

      Quick Pro-tips

      • We can offer one tip: you try not to take the prices that the wholesale supplier directories put on the screen at face value. Once you've contacted them, chances are they may be flexible with their pricing per item. Some may charge a lower fee per item depending on the volume you decide to order, others have a flat fee. It all depends on what you agree upon. The key is to reach out and work with them to settle on an agreement. It's all in the negotiation.

      • Also, it is essential to know how to identify the legitimacy of the suppliers. The first thing you'd want to look at is their website. Here is a list of essential questions and research that you have to do before you contact the people behind it:

      • Is the website well made? Does it look like there was money put into making it?

      • Does it have legitimate payment options like Paypal and credit/debit cards?

      • Is there a Contact Us page filled with relevant details like their physical address?

      • Is there a contact number(s) listed on the website?

      • When you called, did the person who answered sound professional? 

      • Once you make contact with the vendors and you're pretty confident at this point that they are indeed legit, we also have prepared a few things you may want to ask them:

      • How much are the setup and monthly fees?

      • How many items do I need to order to get a discount?

      • What is your minimum quantity order?

      • Warranty policies? Shipping policies? Import and export taxes?

      • What about refund policies?

      Don’t waste your time

      Wholesale supplier directories eliminate a significant amount of time in looking for vendors so you can focus on other essential aspects of your business for it to be successful. Good thing shows you the way to get these directories without breaking the bank.