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    To price competitively on Amazon, you have two options - manual repricing or automated repricing done by an Amazon repricer. The choice is yours and will depend on how many products you sell and how much time you can dedicate. Amazon repricers allow sellers to automatically raise or lower their prices to beat their competition and maximize their sales. Price changes are executed automatically and instantly throughout the day, or during specified time periods. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or are a large or enterprise-level seller, a repricer will save you time and increase your sales. And for those sellers choosing to go down the automated path, we’ve compiled a list of the leading Amazon repricers on the market right now.


      What are Amazon repricers?

      Amazon repricers are software solutions that come in desktop and mobile apps and can automatically change the price under certain conditions. They come in automated and manual modes, while many come in both ways to suit the trading strategies of the seller. These apps connect to your Amazon account to read your listings. Some even integrate tools like Inventory Lab to streamline your workflow further.

      As mentioned, these repricers come in two modes. In manual mode, users get to set specific rules, which is, of course, after the seller has done their due diligence in researching the most competitive price for their product. The rules vary per software, but the FBA and FBM channels are put into account, meaning the software will first compare prices with competing products before it makes a move.

      In the automated mode, you will let artificial intelligence and deep learning do all the work for you. These AI will make pricing decisions based on the algorithmic data from the marketplace while complying with Amazon's policies. There is also a less sophisticated form of automation, but one has stood the test of time and is changing the price according to a set time. A user will decide how it will change in a given set of times. This will ensure that nobody else gets to hijack your Buy Box from you. That's the entire reason why these tools exist - to help you win that highly coveted  Buy Box.

      Are Amazon repricers necessary to have?

      To answer this question, we must first understand the basics of Amazon's Holy Grail, the Buy Box. The Buy Box is literally what it is, a box on the side of the product's description, and below is a button that says "Buy Now".

      This is a big deal because if your product has or is in that box, that means that you have complied with Amazon's standards and have played by their rules well enough that they trust your product is something that the customer can grab and go.

      Now, it gets tricky because this box can be taken away from you. If your product reviews rank or the price does not match the average one, this box will most likely be given to another merchant. In other words, without this box, you cannot sell your products. Amazon repricers make sure you win and keep your Buy Box.

      Riselane’s recommended Amazon repricers and discounts

      • Aura - Use one of the best Amazon repricers and revenue analytics software to increase your sales. With innovative repricing techniques to beat competitors, Aura makes it possible for its users to boost their sales and earnings. It is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the more you use it, the more it learns and the more effective it gets against your competitors.

      • BQool - BQool is the quickest, most reliable, and the most feature-rich solution available to help you outperform your competitors. It offers a sophisticated support desk with intelligent feedback and requests for reviews. An accelerated repricing, price, and profit calculator that gives five-minute results are also included. All of this is backed up by a powerful tool for Amazon product research and competitive analysis.

      • Informed - Informed offers the quickest repricing solutions, backed by AI and machine learning to ensure sellers see growth in their profits. It delivers everything you need to grow your Amazon and Walmart business, including machine-learning repricing algorithms and connectivity with various eCommerce platforms.

      • Repricer AI - Using Reprice AI's machine learning-based software, any merchant can increase their sales margin. All you have to do is give a price range, plus some adjustments here and there, and the Repricer AI will do its magic for you.  

      • - It is perfect for people who do not have the Buy Box yet. What does is that it monitors the competition closely so that when the competitor goes out of stock or changes prices, the AI will sneak in and grab that Buy Box for you. The reaction time for this very useful tool is only 90 seconds.

      • RepricerExpress - Boost your Amazon and eBay sales and earnings with RepricerExpress's 24/7 automated repricing. Its wide list of features allows you to tailor your pricing according to your preferred strategy and compete in the best ways for your business. It's pretty simple to get started using pre-made, tried-and-true repricing templates. Set up and duplicate a template quickly, then customize it to your specifications to increase sales right away.

      • Seller Snap - It provides fast repricing decisions based on real-time algorithmic data to ensure you stay competitive. It uses Game Theory to execute its strategies to win the Buy Box from the next seller and secure the highest possible profits.

      Where can we get these repricers?

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