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    Selling on Amazon requires you to list and update your inventory fast, and that's why you need the help of Amazon listing tools. Regardless of how many products you sell online, those listing tools will make your life easier. The Amazon listing tools bulk list all of your inventory to Amazon while also letting you keep notes on products’ conditions, as well as print shipping labels. By automating this process you will be able to extend the number of products you offer for sale.


      If you are reading this, chances are you already have at least your foot at the door towards selling on Amazon. We expect you already have an idea about the basics of Amazon trading and have the proper FBA or FBM seller tools or apps needed to have successful orders. You may also have product research software for the optimization of your inventory. But more importantly, you may be reading this because you have already found a good and reliable supplier for your products.

      Amazon Listing Tools

      With that out of the way, let's talk about the next thing you have to consider: the listing of your inventory. Platforms like Amazon have their own features for that, but according to our experience and that of many other merchants, it has not yet reached the sophistication that can satisfy a lot of people.

      This is where the listing tools come in. They are service software solutions designed to keep track of all the items in your inventory and neatly organize them. More importantly, these tools and services import your sorted product data into your seller's account. Each software is designed to help the seller save time to focus on other aspects of their business.

      How do these Amazon Listing Tools work?

      Different listing tools work differently, but overall, their working process is as follows: 

      1. Organize your products by type, title, and condition. It's recommended to have a large batch of items first before physically sorting them. This part may be time-consuming but it helps you later once you run them through the scanner. But with the listing tools at your side, this will be the only time-consuming activity.

      2. Create a New Batch by typing in the SKU number of the item you want to scan, the shipping address, and the channel type (FBA or FBM).

      3. Enter the categories in which your products (Electronics, body care, specialty goods, etc.) belong and make labels on their condition (New, Very good, Acceptable, Used, etc.)

      4. Scan the item and wait for the bar code information to appear on the dashboard menu screen. Some software may even show the potential profit that can be made with each item and the estimated prices of the same item in varying conditions. Confirm the item and sort out your batch as more items are scanned.

      5. Wait for the printer to print a new label sticker and stick it over the old bar code.

      Voila. You’re good to go.

      Repeat until you scan every item in your batch. Each item only takes a few seconds to process and update. Just imagine the time you'd be saving per item scanned. Even better, some may even allow you to import the data you scanned over to your account, allowing for a seamless transition once you begin your order management on the Amazon side. 

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