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    Many Amazon sellers face the problem with low counts of feedback and reviews from happy customers. On the other hand, unhappy customers often leave negative feedback and reviews. Fortunately, there are some great Amazon seller feedback tools out there that can both help boost your feedback and review counts as well as successfully manage and resolve concerns from unsatisfied customers.

    Amazon feedback and review software tools make it very easy to improve your Amazon seller rating through automated feedback and review requests. These tools will help you proactively prevent negative feedback and will send you alerts straight to your phone or email whenever that happens. Find out which are the top-performing tools below.


      What are Amazon feedback tools?

      Excellent reviews are the lifeblood of any successful business. According to research, 70% of buyers see them as an essential factor in whether to buy a particular product or not. Buyers judge the quality of the products based on how well their reviews fare.

      Suppose you are a merchant who is serious about customer satisfaction. In that case, you must have wondered if there was some software solution that can actively monitor your ratings, make you respond to negative feedback in a timely fashion, and collect reviews to improve your products' ratings.

      Enter Amazon feedback tools. 

      These are Amazon software solutions that send automated bulk messages to buyers either to request a review or as a means to allow the seller to respond to customer feedback. Some all-in-one tools like JungleScout and Feedback Whiz (both are available through Riselane) have this as part of their tool feature.

      However, other software brands are more dedicated and specific. They can create different kinds of email campaigns that are automatically sent to your customers. They often feature ready-made templates suitable for every scenario and compliant with Amazon'sAmazon's terms of service. 

      These apps can also filter the order status of your products and list those that were refunded. You can also view the rating itself and the message that the buyer typed in. You can even set a campaign soliciting tool for feedback collection. 

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      What is the difference between a review and feedback?

      These words can often mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably in any other context, but when it comes to Amazon’s seller central, each has a specific meaning. On Amazon, marketplace reviews are generally meant for the product itself, its condition, quality, etc. While feedback is intended entirely for the seller as the goal of everyone should be to have a score of over 95%. Anything lower than that and the customer may look somewhere else to buy. 

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      Amazon is very stringent in its policies when accommodating its third-party sellers. Each seller and their products must comply with their terms of service to gain their favor. And indeed, those who do get better visibility in the most extensive online shopping platform also get better profit margins. But the real secret, in our opinion, is keeping in touch with your customer base and resolving whatever issues they have on time.

      Thanks to these tools, you will have a solid connection to your buyers, which will be the perfect win-win situation not just in the Amazon market management sphere but in the world of entrepreneurship.

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