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Online or web wallets are the wallets that allow users to access their wallet through a web browser. Online wallets are ideal for small investments and offer the fastest way to complete transactions. They also allow users to manage a significant number of cryptocurrencies. However, these are the least secure wallets as they are vulnerable to cyber threats. It is highly recommended never to store all of your cryptocurrencies into these types of wallets.
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What is Coinbase Wallet?Coinbase Wallet is a mobile-friendly feature of the cryptocurrency portfolio of Coinbase.com. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency through their wallet which offers amazing features and great security. It can even store your favorite NFT's. This is a self-custody wallet that gives you access to the decentralized side of crypto. It supports over 4,000 assets and is trusted by people who have a Coinbase account and those who haven't started one yet.Why Choose Coinbase Wallet?Self-CustodyCoinbase does not hold your money, you do. Not only is it mobile-friendly, but it also can be accessed through a browser extension…
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What is MetaMask?MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can buy, sell, store, swap and send your favorite tokens. It is not just a wallet but also your gateway to blockchain apps as MetaMask introduces its users to cryptocurrency apps that can help them in their journey. Metamask is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app.Why Choose MetaMask?Priority TransactionsBy using MetaMask, you can set your transactions to urgent and non-urgent. The prioritized transactions get to be first on the set for the blockchain and those tagged as non-urgent will take the backseat.Explore Blockchain appsOne thing that's unique…
MEW MyEtherWallet
What is MyEtherWallet?MyEtherWallet or MEW is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that was originally designed to store Ethereum. Today, it is still focused on Ethereum but has expanded to cryptocurrencies and has other services like being an NFT platform. MEW has a client-side interface that allows you to connect to the ETH blockchain and make smart contracts. Get MEW on Google Play or Download it from the Apple Store.Why Choose MyEtherWallet?Friendly to UsersMEW offers an elegant yet straightforward interface that lets you get accustomed to it in no time. For users new to crypto, they even have a value-added service called…

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