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Cryptocurrency Desktop Wallets
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Desktop wallets are installable software packs available for your operating system. They provide a more secure way to store cryptocurrencies than mobile and online wallets and are the best method for cold storage in a completely clean system. They are easy to use, give privacy and anonymity and don’t involve any third parties. Still, users must make sure to provide ultimate security and regular backing up because a system connected to the Internet poses great security issues.
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What is Exodus?Exodus is a software crypto wallet that safely stores digital assets and more. They also offer hardware wallets that are made in partnership with Trezor. The Exodus + Trezor hardware wallet allows users to send, receive and exchange over 100 cryptocurrencies. Private keys are stored offline to ensure maximum security for each coin. With Exodus wallets, funds are always safe and secure.Why Choose Exodus?Easy Set-UpSetting up the Exodus + Trezor hardware wallet takes three easy steps. The first is to acquire a Trezor and load cryptocurrencies in it. Next is to install Trezor Bridge that will make the…

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