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Cryptocurrency Wallets

    • A hardware wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet which stores your private keys in a secure physical device. The cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet are kept offline, meaning they can’t be hacked, and are one of the most convenient and safest options for storing your cryptocurrency. Most beginners start with an exchange wallet like Binance, but then move to a mobile or desktop wallet, and eventually choose a cold or hardware wallet, as their need for security increases.

    • Desktop wallets are installable software packs available for your operating system. They provide a more secure way to store cryptocurrencies than mobile and online wallets and are the best method for cold storage in a completely clean system. They are easy to use, give privacy and anonymity and don’t involve any third parties. Still, users must make sure to provide ultimate security and regular backing up because a system connected to the Internet poses great security issues.

    • Online or web wallets are the wallets that allow users to access their wallet through a web browser. Online wallets are ideal for small investments and offer the fastest way to complete transactions. They also allow users to manage a significant number of cryptocurrencies. However, these are the least secure wallets as they are vulnerable to cyber threats. It is highly recommended never to store all of your cryptocurrencies into these types of wallets.

    • Cryptocurrency mobile wallets are wallets that can be downloaded and installed into mobile devices. Mobile wallets are just like desktop wallets made for smartphones. These wallets allow users to access the cryptocurrencies through their mobile devices and carry out daily activities. Users can quickly scan the QR code from their mobile wallets and make payments. They are suitable for daily operations but are vulnerable to malware infection and viruses.